About Us

I began my career as a Registered Nurse about 30 years ago caring for people with various health problems. After years of service I thought it was time to transition away from direct healthcare, but immediately after deciding I discovered that the problem was so big it was impossible to get away from. People with health problems were everywhere. They were not just in hospitals. Everywhere I went someone needed help with their health. So I decided to do something to help those who were not in hospital settings but still needed help. I started educating and coaching people on healthy living through weight loss training, diabetes and hypertension management and much more. Then I remembered how my patients felt when they received small gifts like a piece of jewelry or makeup products from me or others. I remembered how those small gifts actually changed the way they healed from illnesses. A simple gift like a bracelet or a small pendant would change them in an instant. That is what brought me here. Everything in my shop is carefully selected to promote that instant change to health, healing, beauty and love!